October 12-14, 2018


We've spent over 3 years writing music, jamming and playing clubs and festivals in the United States.  Many of us had great experiences when we were younger at music camps that encouraged jam sessions, lasting late into the night.  Those experiences got us thinking about hosting our own festival.  One that encourages everybody - not just the artists - to pick up an instrument and join in the fun. Together with our good friend and concert promoter, Bill Poss, the concept of the Wander Down Music Festival was born.


With Wander Down, we hope to facilitate a warm, family-friendly, old-time camp-style environment with live music both on the stage and around the campfire.  People of all ages and ability levels and folks who have no interest in playing at all will enjoy listening to music both on and off the stage in a fun, entertaining and supportive environment.


Our inaugural event at Camp Manitowa in Benton was a ton of fun and we learned A LOT about what you want and don't want from this event. We hope you'll join us for year two at the much bigger campus in Makanda and help us make this year bigger and better!


- The Way Down Wanderers

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